Wednesday, October 19


I'm going to be tooting my horn for just a second, so if you aren't a fan of someone reveling in their own awesomeness, then you may want to skip this first part...

as a lot of you know, i am in charge of the children's program that we have at our church called Primary. towards the end of every year the children in primary, ages 3-11, get to put on a little presentation to show all of the parents what they have learned through out the year. they each get to say a part that they wrote and sing a bunch of songs they've learned. we just had the presentation this past sunday and the kids did fantastic! i was so pleased with how it went. 
anyways, the whole point of this is that i was given a card that had been signed by all the kids on it and across the bottom in big letters one of the seven year old boys wrote,
you wer supost to be borne for this!
it made my day! i think it made me so happy because it reminded me that the kids don't notice how often i mess up or drop the ball, which is oh so frequently.
anyways, thank you seven year old boy!!!

ok, on to something a little more tasty...

i had the itch to make caramel apples. 
and since i just bragged about myself, i think i better pop that balloon and share one of those "i can't believe it took me this long to figure that out" situations that i had while making these. i learned a great lesson which i can't believe i didn't know before. it makes so much sense. rather than dipping the carmel-covered apple into the toppings and then into the chocolate (only to lose about 3/4 of your tasty toppings and making the rest of your chocolate lumpy and unappetizing), dip the caramel apple in the chocolate first and then the toppings. DUH. it made things SO much easier. sometimes i amaze myself at my stupidity!


Jenn said...

Lisa, Just wanted to say how fabulous I think you are! I have been "stalking" your blog for a while now, and I LOVE your style, and your recipes, and your fun kids ideas, etc! You look like such a fun mom, and your kiddos are adorable! I am definitely trying that chocolate cheesecake for Christmas, and the wheat bread looks amazing! Tell your family we said "hi" and I'll be checking back for more awesome-ness!
Hugs, Jennifer (Rosier) Mitchell

Larissa said...

ha ha ha, I love your epiphany at the end. I make little discoveries like that too and then I get to feel smart for a little while. And yes, unfortunately for you- I think you were born for primary.

Steve and Donna said...

so the carmel apples are a test run for what's to come right?

Amy said...

Nice toot. I loved being in Primary for that same reason...the kids don't even notice when you drop the ball sometimes...although I can't imagine you dropping the ball...your just awesome like that.
So...if we ever make it out to visit, can we make some of those apples?

Rikki Browne said...

I LOVE that story! I'm glad SOMEONE besides me realizes how awesome you are. Mad props on the apple photos too, pal.