Saturday, October 22

7 facts you didn't know

7 silly facts you may not know about chris:

1- he wears flip flops around the house and doesn't take them off.... ever. (except for bed)
2- he puts A1 steak sauce on his cottage cheese.
3- he cuts his own hair.
4- he scribbles numbers on the inside of his wrist at work.
5- his feet are very ticklish
6- he enjoys soup. i don't know too many males that love soup.
7- he's a rockstar in the kitchen. but I've said that before :)

seven might be a random number 
but it is the number of years we have been married today. 
i love you chris. you make me happy.

(august 2004)


Steve and Donna said...

Hope your day was superb!
Happy Anniversary...

Carolina said...

Happy day to you guys!!! I love seeing early marriage pics, ahhh, the younger days.

PS - I love your new blog layout. I have no idea when you changed it, because I always read your posts on my reader, but I really like it!

Rikki Browne said...

Happy Anniversary!