Monday, October 10

mad scientists

jack is turning 5 in thirteen days.
i can't believe it. 

he has three friends that he wants to invite over for a 
mad scientist party.
it is going to be SO much fun!
i thought i would share a little bit because this would be such a great theme for anyone having a party around halloween!

i am copying a lot of it from One Charming Party
but toning it down quite a bit.
here are the invites:

we rolled them up and stuffed them in test tubes.
delayna found these martha stewart test tubes at joann's and they are perfect!

here are the experiments we will be doing,
it's going to be  blast!

blowing up a balloon using baking soda and vinegar

playing with dry ice

making slime... of course!

and diet coke/mentos fountains


Carrie said...

That's going to be so much fun!!!

Steve and Donna said...

Looks fun- never a moment in your family

Bloom Family said...

what a good idea! Little do they know they're having a science class for a party!!! love it. Those experiments are so fun!

Sobrina Tung said...

SLIME!! Best birthday party idea ever. That was one of my most favorite things I ever made in school. Those test tube invites are so clever.