Thursday, October 6

costume ideas for charlie

because he's on all fours all the time, 
here are my ideas for charlie's costume this year.
it's gonna be cheaper and easier just to buy. 
lame, i know.
my favorite is the last one i think.
something tells me he wouldn't be too happy about it.
interestingly, its the only homemade one in this group :)

p.s. i did i guest post earlier this week on ARDOR
go check it out if you'd like. 
it's a tortilla tutorial.
im debating whether to post it here or not....
im not much of a "look at me" person.


Kersey Campbell said...

And it was an AWESOME tutorial!

I think I would go with either the chia pet, or the skunk. I too bought this year. I just couldn't make it.

Reed and Cathy said...
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Bloom Family said...

ha, ha. Liking the chia pet! :)