Tuesday, October 25

fall festival FHE

remember this from last year?
we had so  much fun we decided to make it an annual event!
we had dinner, the kids visited a fish pond for prizes, a witch came and we found out that ellie and everett are a witch and wizard with magical powers, and my mom measured some of us for coffins and received a wet surprise, and then we all dipped caramel apples! 
we had a grand time!
thanks steve and donna for coming up for a 
Fall Festival FamilyHomeEvening!!!

in case you want to find out if you have any witches or wizards at your house, set up a few clear cups with water in them and one or two with vinegar. then put baking soda on some spoons, i even added glitter and food coloring to ours. its good to have all this set up ahead of time so no one knows the secret :) pass out a spoon and a cup to each person and then everyone stirs at the same time. those cups with the vinegar will foam up and thats how you know they are magic!

most of my pictures were blurry, but here are a few that turned out

rikki took some pictures of jack blowing out his birthday candles that were so cute, i had to post them :)

this cake is awesome! and the best part is, its SO super easy to make.
in fact, its just the recipe on the back of the Hershey's dutch process cocoa container.
i get requests for this cake regularly. you should try it sometime, i know you'll get requests for it too!


Steve and Donna said...

well you beat me to it (hah) I had zoo duty this morning- I will post some pics too- so be on the look out :)

Ryan and Lindsay said...

You do such cute things with your kids... Mom of the year! :) I will have to try that cake, it looks delicious.