Sunday, October 2

super speed

have i ever mentioned how much i detest doing the laundry?
wouldn't it be amazing if we had a fast forward button and could speed through our chores like this?!

this is what we did before watching conference this morning.
and before we attacked that mountain o' laundry, we had the whole fam over for chris' tasty tradition of sticky buns and scrambled eggs. 
i overheard ellie asking cousin ev "do you like sticky bums, ev?" and, of course he said, "yeah! do YOU like sticky bums, ellie?"  "sticky bums are my fav-wit, ev!" 
those kids are too funny. 
the weather was stunning and we were able to have the windows and french doors open..... aaaah! 
can't beat that for a conference morning!


Steve and Donna said...

now that was tiring to watch (hah) but most fulfilling :)

Larissa said...

nothing like the whole family pitching in! Charlie must have been going at super sonic speeds cuz I couldn't even see him. I wish every Sunday morning was like yesterday- sleep in, cool, lisa makes me breakfast.

Melica and Aaron said...

I detest laundry too! I would love to be able to tackle a mountain of laundry in a minute! But since I can't, now I think I detest it even more! :o)